HomeFinder — The Property Search Engine

When it comes to searching properties online, mas-HomeFinder.com is the guru of gurus. Powered by advanced analytics, the portal makes it easy for you to buy, sell or rent properties.

HomeFinder’s search filters, search engine and ranking algorithms empower you to find your dream home without having to sieve through thousands of posts and photographs. The platform is designed to distill and serve the right information without superfluous content or irrelevant advertisements.

Ranking of posts is based on over a forty variables relating to content, user interactions, publishers’ track record, relevance to search queries and filters, as well as numerous other factors that collectively determine the importance of the post to the user seeking information.

HomeFinder supports a web analytics platform that tracks performance in terms of impressions on result pages, viewership of posts, and conversions by phone, email and WhatsApp, so that agents know which properties are attracting the greatest attention, and securing highest conversion rates.

The platform is committed to maintaining a minimum cost structure such that fees are pegged at a fraction of the rates charged by competitors. Users can choose to list properties on a NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE basis, paying, instead, nominal listing fees. Bigger agents, however, may opt for subscriptions as these are relatively low, and better suited for power users.

Paradoxically simple yet comprehensive, HomeFinder is a unique proposition that uses advanced analytics to impart superior value to home buyers and property agents. It is the quickest way to surf the internet for properties. (Go ahead. Check it out).