HF HomeFinder


Powered by advanced analytics, mas-HomeFinder.com makes it easy for you to buy, sell or rent properties.

If you are a property agent/owner, HomeFinder lets you advertise your property on Google! so that customers land directly on your property page. This also substantially raises your on-platform ranking.

Adverting on Google is by far the fastest way to market your property. Why? Because your customers go to Google to transact. They are searching for properties.

No Subscription Fees: Also, at a time when subscription fees are spiralling, mas-HomeFinder.com drastically reduces the cost of selling and renting out properties online. Indeed property sellers do not have to pay subscription fees.

HomeFinder can sustain lower fees and costs because it is a lean independently run operation that is highly focussed on its core purpose of match-making buyers and sellers.

mas-HomeFinder.com uses technology to contain costs, and to make it easy for you to buy, sell or rent properties on HomeFinder. The distinguishing features of the portal include:

Paradoxically simple and inexpensive yet comprehensive and advanced, HomeFinder is a unique proposition that uses marketing analytics to impart superior value to home buyers as well as home owners and their property agents. The “guru of gurus”, it is the quickest way to surf the internet for properties.