mas-HomeFinder originated as a teaching aid, in an attic, in Singapore. Realizing that practice was crucial to the learning and appreciation of Digital Marketing, Prof Ashok Charan created the portal so that his students could use it to experience the analytics and advertising platforms shaping the digital world. (Google Analytics, Search Console, Google Ads …).

The portal has since grown beyond its original purpose. At a time when subscription fees are spiralling, drastically reduces the cost of selling and renting out properties online. Indeed owners and their property agents can choose to list properties on a NO SUBSCRIPTION FEE basis, paying, instead, nominal listing fees.

HomeFinder can sustain lower fees and costs because it is a lean independently run operation that is highly focussed on its core purpose of match-making buyers and sellers.

The facet that distinguishes is technology. This not only helps to contain costs through automation, it gives the platform an edge over competitors.

Ashok is a marketing guru with over 25 years of industry experience in marketing at firms like Nielsen and Unilever. He is author of books on marketing analytics and digital marketing, creator of the Destiny market simulator and developer of various tools and solutions for practitioners.

When he set out to develop, his intent was to create a technologically superior portal, powered by advanced analytics.

The features that make it easy and inexpensive for you to buy, sell or rent properties on HomeFinder:

Paradoxically simple and inexpensive yet comprehensive and advanced, HomeFinder is a unique proposition that uses marketing analytics to impart superior value to home buyers as well as home owners and their property agents. The “guru of gurus”, it is the quickest way to surf the internet for properties.