HomeFinder: FRBO - For Rent By Owner

How to RENT OUT your Home

FRBO: For Rent By Owner, or FRBO, is the process of renting out real estate without the representation of a property agent or real estate agent.

Home owners, do you wonder who is the best person to market your property?

It is YOU. Yes. You know your property better than anyone else. You can provide useful insider tips and suggestions, and highlight what is most relevant to individual customers. You stand to gain more than anyone else. And you pay no commission.

You could list your property on an online portal. But this isn’t as simple as it sounds.

Online property portals mainly cater for property agents. They charge big subscription fees that only brokers find viable. And most portals do not even allow owners to list!

Fortunately you now have mas-HomeFinder. This property search engine is specially developed to make it faster, easier and inexpensive for you to find tenants.

It levels the playing field. Powered by advanced analytics, mas-HomeFinder.com minimizes costs, so you do not have to pay subscription fees. Correct, there is NO compulsion to subscribe.

Moreover, mas-HomeFinder lets you advertise your property on Google! To land customers directly on your property page, all you need to do is advertise via HomeFinder. This will not only trigger an ad on Google (via Google Ads), it will also substantially raise your on-platform ranking.

Prospects are flocking to mas-HomeFinder as it is the quickest way to surf the internet for properties. It’s technologically advance search engine make other real estate platforms look and feel sluggish. (Go ahead. Experience the power).

It’s easy to post your property at mas-HomeFinder. Just follow these steps:

  1. Register: Provide your email as ID, and a phone number. Other information is optional for use on your mas-HomeFinder web page.
  2. Verify: Open email from MAS (marketinganalytics.nus) and click on the verification link to complete registration.
  3. Login.
  4. Profile (after login). Go to your profile page to view your personal HomeFinder webpage. In order to advertise, you need to top-up your your account by clicking the blue top-up button.
  5. Post (after login): You can describe your property the way you want to. Add photos. Add videos.
  6. Advertise/Refresh (after login): Advertise your post to feature on Google and raise your property’s ranking on the portal. Besides advertising, the mas-HomeFinder home page lets you refresh, view, edit, de-list and delete posts.

Now is a good time to get started. If you have questions or need help with registration, don’t hesitate to contact us.