mas-HomeFinder — Listing Guide

How to post your property at mas-HomeFinder?
How to advertise your property on Google?
Why What distinguishes this platform?
The Business Model
Ranking Algorithm

Why What distinguishes this platform?

The Business Model was launched despite well-entrenched competitors because it is superior to existing property portals, and because it will drastically reduce costs associated with online listing.

Ours is a lean independently run operation that is not aligned with any particular agency. We have the competency to attract buyers and prospective tenants to our site, yet we can only succeed with your support.

NO subscription or listing fees. You may however, choose to boost or advertise your posts the way you do on social platforms.

Focussing on quality as opposed to quantity, we incentivize our partners to list fresh content, and to regularly refresh their posts.

User-Centricity is the key to our business strategy. Powered by advanced analytics, our platform offers superior performance in terms of speed and accuracy. Prospect are flocking to mas-HomeFinder because they are able to quickly and easily find what they are looking.

Ranking Algorithm

Ranking of posts is based on over 40 variables, covering every aspect that is filtered or searched, as well as a wide range of quality factors. The critical dimensions include location (in relation to prospect’s search filters/search query), recency (how fresh is the post), content quality, performance (CTR, CTA etc.), price (how well it matches the prospect’s budget) and promotion (boosting).

How to post your property at mas-HomeFinder?

Follow these steps to post your property:

  1. Register: Provide your email as ID, and a phone number, and optionally, other information for publishing on your mas-HomeFinder web page. Registration entitles you to your web page and profile page (FOC).
  2. Verify: Open email from MAS (marketinganalytics.nus) and click on the verification link to complete registration.
  3. Login.
  4. Profile (after login). Go to your profile page to view your personal HomeFinder webpage. In case you would like to boost your posts, you may top-up your account by clicking the blue top-up button.
  5. Post for Sale or Rental (after login): You can describe your property the way you want to. Add photos. Add videos.
  6. Boost/Refresh (after login): Boost your post to advertise on Google and raise your property’s ranking on the portal. Besides boosting, the mas-HomeFinder home page lets you refresh, view, edit, de-list and delete posts.

How to advertise your property on Google?

To advertise your property on Google, you simply boost it. This will not only trigger an ad on Google (via Google Ads), it will also substantially raise your on-platform ranking.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to your home page.
  2. Click the BOOST button next to the post you want to boost and advertise.
  3. Set the daily boost budget and the boost duration (in days). You may need to top-up your account if balance is insufficient.