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Training: How to Sell/Rent Out your Property by Advertising on Google

Why Advertise your Property Online in a Digitally Transformed World

Video  Why Advertise your Property Online, on Google.

If you are a real estate agent/owner who wants to sell or rent out your properties, this video will help you appreciate the need to advertise on search engines like Google.

Video  Digital Transformation of the Property Market Ecosystem.

How Property Marketing has evolved.

Threats and opportunities arising from the Digital Disruptions

Register/Set Profile

Video  Registration.

To register on HomeFinder you need to enter your name, email address and set password.

Video  Update your profile.

Your business webpage on HomeFinder contains the information that you provide in your profile, and a list of your property posts.

How to List Properties on mas-HomeFinder

Video  Listing — Property Highlights and Google Ads.

The three headlines and the two descriptions are configured for advertising on Google Ads, as also the title and description of your property on HomeFinder’s search results.

Video  Listing — Property Details.

On this page you can describe your property in details that resonates with your prospects.

Video  Listing — Property Location.

This section of the property listing form is intended for location details.

Video  Upload — Images and Videos.

Upload or link images. Embed video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo.

Video  Listing — Contact Info, Preview and Post.

Contact details. Preview and post.

Home — Adverting and Listing Control Centre

Video  Home — Adverting and Listing Control Centre.

This is your control centre. Here you can list, preview, de-list, delete, edit, refresh and advertise your ads.